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Big Letter Lamp Pour

Jun 09,2022 | PUDUO

Have you seen the big letter molds? How about a big letter mold lamp? Well, over the past week, I have been creating a big letter “A” lamp.

I wanted to do this project to show how easy it is to use Puduo Resin on a deep pour. This pour was done in 3 layers on Instagram, Facebook Live, and a complete run through on YouTube. The original, full videos can be found on Instagram and Facebook

Doing a deep pour with a casting resin is a delicate dance. You want to pour the least number of layers without having a flash cure. Flash cures occur when the chemical reaction creates so much heat that it cures in minutes. The result is that the epoxy contracts so fast that it can’t remain level. Therefore, it pulls away typically at the corners. You may also notice a blocky look on the surface as parts cured a little quicker.

With Puduo, you can typically pour 200 ml without having a flash cure. This is in a room between 70-80 F. Using this formula will allow you to pour the least number of layers. 

This mold came to us from MoldyFunUSA.com.   We were asked to try this product and supplied a sample of their product. We were very happy with this mold. You can find the complete set of alphabet molds here. You will receive a discount upon clicking this link.

alphabet Pouring this mold is easy. There are no complex designs to trap air bubbles, and the amount of space in the mold makes it an easy pour to decorate. Use flowers, lights, or whatever else you want to use to decorate this lamp.

This letter “A” mold is 1.5″ H x 6″ x 6″ at the widest. This is a large mold and requires approximately 500 ml. Puduo 32 oz kit contains 946 ml. 473 ml of part A, and 473 ml of part B. 

Ensure proper mixing techniques when using this product:

1) Measure the amounts equally using a 1:1 ratio. For example 40 ml of part a to 40 ml of part b. Note: I do not recommend trying to mix smaller than 80 ml total. This is because it makes it too easy to get the measurements just a little bit off.
2) Mix thoroughly. This does not mean to only mix for 3 minutes and call it good. This means to mix the product until it is perfectly clear. Make sure that you get the sides on the bottom of the cup really well.
3) Pour your mixture into another cup. Get as much of the product out of the cup as you can. Then mix the new mixture again. Mix it for approximately a minute.
4) Split the mixture into as many cups as you have pigments. For instance, if you are only using red, black, and clear, split it into three cups. Mix the pigments in well. Then let the product set for approximately 15 minutes to release all of the bubbles and begin its exothermic reaction.