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Mask Your Puduo Resin Project With Latex For Unique Effects

Jun 09,2022 | PUDUO


Easy Technique To Create Unique Effects

Using latex, you can easily mask off any area you wish, to create dramatic effects with Puduo Resin. In this live stream from Facebook, co-founder of the US Support Team @Sacred7Senses takes you through the steps required to create this selenite moon pyramid. This blog has a companion video included below.

Using a 5.9 inch pyramid mold from Amazon, Ashley first poured about an inch of liquid latex in the tip and let it cure (About 8 hours). She then poured Just enough to leave a small portion exposed for the resin to bond to, and let cure overnight.

After the latex cured, Ashley mixed up some Puduo Resin and poured the first of 4 layers. In this layer she added some soap clouds. Soap clouds can be made easily by putting bar soap chunks in the microwave! Amazingly easy technique!

Each additional layer of Puduo Resin was used to add glitter and pigments to the mixture to achieve her desired results. Watch the full video below!

You can view all of our past live streams on both Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to watch live, we broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday night at 6 pm MST. Check our page or account for updated information:
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