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Pouring Layers

Jan 19,2022 | PUDUO

How to Pour Layers With Puduo Resin 

We’ve all seen the beautiful layered pyramids other artists are creating using Puduo Resin. The question is often asked “How do you pour layers like that”? Many artists want to know how to create layered pyramids. They are surprisingly simple. Here’s how:      
First you need to determine what you want your finished product to look like. For instance, do you want a crystal in the tip? Will you put lights inside? Decide what elements you want to incorporate into your piece and gather the materials together. Some artists like to make a rough sketch of the layers in their vision to use as a guide. Then you can begin to pour your layers. Use a toothpick or wooden skewer to pop the bubble in the tip. Failure to do so will not make a sharp tip on the top. Another common error is not waiting long enough between layers. This can cause the layers to mix. We will go over two methods of creating layered pyramids here.
The first method is to pour your first layer and let it cure at least 8 hours. Then pour your next layer, let it cure. Repeat until all layers are completed.
The second method involves letting the resin cure hard enough not to deform when you pour the next layer. This can be achieved in three to five hours. You can test the hardness with a toothpick. When it feels sturdy, pour the next layer. Repeat until your project is complete.
The second method can be modified to create specific effects. For instance, you may want a wavy effect between layers. By adjusting the time you let the product cure, you get whatever hardness you want to work with. Less time equals a softer product. 
After finishing the last layer, you need to wait at least 10 hours before you demold. Full cure of the product happens in 24-48 hours. So be gentle with your piece and allow it time to fully cure.
Here’s a short video: